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Nova Formwork System provides smooth and even finish. Plaster is not required hence using this formwork for construction is very cost effective. We Are Leading Manufacturer Of Plastic Formwork System For Construction in India.
Nova Wall Formwork is the most easiest way to build walls as this Formwork provides easy installation, good finish, faster cycles. There is no need to plaster, Even changing of sizes can be done very easily as this is modular. All kinds of walls and verticals can be easily constructed using Nova Modular Plastic Formwork Panels. We Are Leading Manufacturer For Formwork Panels For Walls.
Nova Formwork System is a modular plastic shuttering system used for all kinds of construction requirement. It gives a very smooth finish and does not require any plaster. These panels are light weight and easy to use.They give more than 100 repetitions. We Are Leading Manufacturer Of Plastic Modular Formwork System For Construction In India.
Nova Plastic Formwork system has a very low surface tension , so it does not stick to concrete making it very easy to remove and reuse without any major cleaning work unlike steel. Even the use of shuttering oil can be reduced to a very large extent. The system is very light weight and therefore easy to handle .It does not get spoilt in water so it can be used anywhere and given the working conditions onsite it does not need a dry area to store. Stacking and transportation is very easy unlike other formwork systems. Easy assembling and deshutte-ring is another advantage. It comes with a unique locking system which makes it a single panel after joining various panels, thereby eliminating leakages between joints; good surface finish is also achieved. There is no need to plaster you can apply putty and paint directly. The number of repetitions is also very high making it cheaper than other formwork. The beauty of Nova plastic form-work system that it can be stacked on each other, reducing the space required for the same and given the conditions onsite this formwork can be kept outside, indoor, in basements where water at times is clogged etc as it has no effect of water, is uv resistant and can be easily cleaned just by spraying water on it. We Are Leading Manufacturer And Exporter Of Shuttering Plastic Formwork Modular System For Construction In India.
Nova Formwork System is used for ‘Cast In Situ ’applications as well as precast formwork applications . It is also used for low weight concrete or foamed concrete applications for walls etc.The foam concrete mix is poured directly into the wall formwork by use of pump or manually. This eliminates the use of bricks. This reduces time and cost as the need to plaster the bricks is eliminated. Electrical work, along with window and door frames is fixed in the formwork. This has been successfully tried at various sites. We Are Leading Manufacturer Of Modular Plastic Formwork System Used in Construction In India.