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We have a wide range of formwork panels which can be used for walls, slabs, columns, beams etc with ease and which would be giving a very good surface finish and saving a lot of time. We Are The Leading Manufacturer Of Plastic Formwork In India
We would like to introduce ourselves as the manufacturers of Plastic formwork panels for columns, slabs, walls, lift walls etc. Introducing first time in India with the manufacturing facility at Ghaziabad and at Bangalore. We have many products for the construction industry other than these formwork also like floor guard sheets used as tile protector, used for water proofing, PP boards used for partitions, bathroom cubicles, shuttering board etc. We Are The Leading Manufacturer Of Plastic Formwork In India .
Nova Formwork System is extensively used in construction of Beam, columns , slabs and all kinds of verticals. We Are Leading Manufacturer Of Beam Formwork In Plastic In India.
Nova Plastic modular formwork is an easy and intuitive system for building concrete walls, basements, columns, slabs, etc., Compared with the traditional plywood or steel systems, Nova plastic formwork is handier, average cost effective and faster to set up, save time and labor. We Are Leading Manufacturer And Exporter Of Nova Plastic Formwork System In India.
NOVA Formwork Modular System is a plastic system manufactured from Composite Plastic Material. Plastic Shuttering building system represent a revolution in the area of shuttering because of their universality, lightness, simplicity, durability, solidity, resistance to temperature change and of course their price competitiveness. This is the only shuttering that can use in salt & fresh water without any damage. This system gives more than 100 repetitions. This system can be used for all kinds of construction needs like wall, columns, raft, slabs, all kinds of verticals, retaining wall. This system provides solution to all kinds of shuttering requirement. Nova Formwork system is being successfully used for construction of drains along the roads. We are The Leading Manufacturer of Plastic Formwork System In India.
MONSOON OFFER---- Order before 15th September 2017 to avail 10% discount on Nova Formwork System. Our Modular Formwork in Plastic gives solution to all kinds of construction use. It is being successfully used for construction of drains, all kinds of walls, verticals, beams, columns, Slabs, Footings, flyovers, box culvert. Nova Formwork System is very easy to use and gives more than 100 repetitions. It can be easily handled manually without the use of crane. We are leading manufacturer of Modular Plastic Formwork System in India
Nova Formworks is a modular plastic shuttering system. It can be easily used for slabs. This system is very easy to use.The plastic panels come in various sizes to fulfill all kinds of construction needs. Please feel free to contact us to visit our ongoing sites for use and application of Nova formworks.
Beam formwork manufacturer We provide Formwork system in plastic for all kinds of beam, slabs, columns and verticals.